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The Ride for Freedom - Naresh Kumar

The Ride for Freedom - Naresh Kumar

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Born and raised in a suburb of Chennai in South India, Naresh Kumar has always dreamt big, something which ore often seemed ludicrous and completely unattainable. Today, he lives an amazing action packed life and is dedicated to helping other.  He is a living example of kindness, and how our circumstances DO NOT need to confine us.  His most recent adventure was to cycle the entire length of New Zealand (3,000kms!) on a tandem bike raising money and awareness of human trafficking.  His main message - 'No matter what your dreams are - they are possible!

Some key quotes from our conversation:

  • Life was a big survival - even from the beginning, growing up in poor conditions, and everything was a big challenge (1:35)
  • Freedom - 27 million people in this world don't have that.  The highest form of living is freedom and they don't have it (6:08)
  • When people go there, they should treat them as humans and not a commodity (7:40)
  • A challenge can't be a real challenge unless there is a possibility of failure (11:40)
  • Everything single thing happens for good (18:47)
  • Instead of getting upset about it - there's a reason why, and something is going to come out of this.
  • Take a chance with your dreams (28:04)
  • You learn and grow by doing things that are uncomfortable (28:47)

In this episode we talk about:

Naresh's latest adventure Freedom Seat (www.freedomseat.org.nz) of riding the ENTIRE length of New Zealand (That's 3,330.2 kms!) on a tandem bike named Kindness.
Why it's so important to find out your 'why'
Why he is so passionate about helping 27 million people who are in slavery
How Naresh believes that every situation can work out for good.  
The true cost of dreams and achieving them

You can find more of Naresh at:
Website - www.freedomseat.org.nz
Facebook - www.facebook.com/freedomseatnz
Instagram - www.instagram.com/iamarunr
Twitter - www.twitter.com/iamarunr

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