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Lana Jelenjev - Living a Self-FULL Life

Lana Jelenjev - Living a Self-FULL Life

Lana Jelenjev was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014. And after almost 2 years of treatment, she took time to reconnect with herself and her mission. It was during this time that she realised how it is our responsibility to be SELF-FULL. Because when we are selfish, we have no room to meet the needs of others, and when we are selfless, we fail to meet our own needs. But when we are self-full that’s when magic happens.

Lana is the co founder of She Dares, a website and group of curious women exploring the science, myths, taboos and possibilities surrounding a modern women and why they should invest and prioritise in her personal stack of gold.
As a child Lana loved writing poetry and have different diaries and notebooks where she scribbled her thoughts. "I find it alarming if I cannot find a pen and paper next to me, for those 'just in case I have a brilliant idea' moments" she says.

In this episode:

  • Lana shares some of her key messages around self-fullness and how we need to prioritise ourself sometimes to be the best for others.
  • How to not say the wrong thing to someone going through a crisis or hardship.
  • The inner circles of support and how to really help someone who needs it.
  • Her take on life design and how 'living in the now' plays a big part in it.

Some key quotes from our conversation:

  • After the diagnosis, I heard myself talk as though the story of my Mum was my story (3:36)
  • When I heard myself attaching myself to her story, it really took me back and made me re-evaluate as to how I would move forward with this (4:10)
  • At one part, our kids had death as a normal theme in the family (5:40)
  • What I like to ask myself is 'What is alive in you?' (8:05)
  • How do I own the energy that I bring in? (16:04)
  • We were never taught to practice self-fullness. We were always told that if we do this, we are selfish (16:36)
  • We get so lost with patterns of behaviour (18:00)
  • What is most crucial to ask is how can it affect the now? (18:11)
  • Whatever it was that I was facing at that point was on survival mode (23:30)
  • It's after treatment that a lot of insecurities/questions come in (24:00)
  • It's really a re-designing of life (30:22)
  • I want to really emphasise filling your own cup. Because everything else can flow from there (33:10)

 You can find more about Lana at:

Website link: http://www.shedares.net
FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/shedares
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SheDaresAmsterdam





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