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I'm here to help you design your best future.  One free of regret. 

You see, today more than ever people are walking around dead on the inside.  Unsatisfied, unfulfilled and wishing there was more. But it doesn't have to be this way!

 Whether you want to work 1:1 or book me as your next guest speaker, let's chat!

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Christine Morris - Navigating the Fires of Life

Christine Morris - Navigating the Fires of Life

In 2014, life seemed incredible for Christine Morris.  Her business was thriving, and life was going just how she had planned it.  But in an instant, that all changed when her house was burnt to the ground.  She and her family lost everything!  

The months following this tragedy became a time of reflection for her and, rather than looking at this loss as a setback, she chose to use the lessons she learned through her journey to help even more entrepreneurs create a fabulously balanced life. 

Throughout Christine’s career, she has proven her ability to overcome adversity and use it to create opportunities to help other entrepreneurs. Her experience, combined with her focus on balance and strategies, assures even the most overloaded business owner will find clarity and success.

Today, Christine uses this experience as a business and productivity coach, helping busy entrepreneurs create a life that is more inline with both their personal and business goals.

You can find Christine over at:

You can check out Christine's  FREE Guide on How to overcome the 3 Most Common Causes of Overwhelm. http://fabulouslybalancedlife.com/overwhelm/ or join her Fabulously Balanced Life FB Community at https://www.facebook.com/groups/OvercomingOverload/

The Ride for Freedom - Naresh Kumar

The Ride for Freedom - Naresh Kumar

Kelly: Living Life On My Own Terms

Kelly: Living Life On My Own Terms