“A life lived is a life to be celebrated.”
— Kirsty S.

As the host of two podcasts that explore living your best life and what might follow, Kirsty has interviewed dozens of people and come to appreciate that the passing of a loved one is an occasion to celebrate the person they were as much as it is to mourn their loss.

Grief is an important part of death, and Kirsty looks to support her families as they go through this stage of loss, as well as to remember our loved ones how they would want us to.

Her personal experience of loss, grief and research into death enable her to connect in a way to celebrate and honour the life of the departed and bring comfort to those they’ve left behind.

What Does a Funeral Celebrant Do?

As your celebrant Kirsty is committed to preparing and delivering a funeral service in accordance with the wishes of the deceased and their surviving loved ones. She will act as your go between with the Funeral Director, and any arrangements you need. She will be available to help you through the entire process, including making decisions, offering suggestions and helping you to deliver the ceremony on the day. Kirsty can help you write a personalised eulogy, and deliver it if needed on the day :)

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Contact Kirsty Today

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, feel free to phone Kirsty on 021 489205. Otherwise, complete the submission form and she’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.

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