“Kirsty’s story is surprising but truly inspirational, and she has an ability to link this through for others to focus on being the best they can be”
— Leonie Freeman
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Kirsty Salisbury is an inspiring speaker filled with passion for her message of living our best life and connecting with purpose.


Kirsty Salisbury speaks with authority on the topics of resilience, regrets, opportunity and the formation of effective habits.  Her sessions are engaging, inspiring and filled with passion and realism as she speaks straight from her heart.  

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Kirsty blends her experience as an established wellness professional, her private coaching business and her years of research in the areas of resilience, habits, and long term happiness.  For the last 5 years she has been speaking at events, facilitating workshops and running online programs to equip people with practical tools and strategies to embrace living at their best.  She believes we are all able to create something incredible for ourselves, regardless of our experiences, however, the first step is knowing that it is us, the individual that holds the keys to change. 


Kirsty teaches people how to enrich their lives, embrace their purpose and to take charge of their destiny. Kirsty first started speaking in the wellness industry, following her grounded beliefs that to feel well, we need to live well. However, after digging deeper and seeing how her coaching principles were creating such profound change in her clients' lives, she started to expand her focus.  She teaches her audience how to identify core beliefs and values, how to create change, and how even the smallest habits can be hacked for profound long-term success.     

“When I first heard Kirsty speak I was absolutely blown away by her story. Her drive, commitment and courage did, and still does, inspire me!”
— Kylie Edwards