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Kelly: Living Life On My Own Terms

Kelly: Living Life On My Own Terms

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In 2013, Kelly began a journey that no one could have expected.  Her world was completely rocked when something that seemed like a gift of life, actually turned out to be quite the opposite.  In our conversation today, Kelly shares how her difficult life journey and experiences have taught her to focus on living life on her own terms, allowing herself to enjoy the present moment, and to continually gauge whether she is truly happy.  There's no sugar coating her words, and the beauty of her honesty offers a huge amount of value.

Some key quotes from our conversation include:

  • We've got to be the rock, not the ocean
  • I was so determined to not let it have long term damage on me. 
  • Now I've turned it into something that I can use positively
  • You just don't know when your number is up, and I wanted to live the most fabulous life that I could....Im just interested in being true to myself 
  • It's about learning as much about yourself and evolving as much as you can.
  • I wanted to turn it into something that didn't leave me damaged.  And there will always be a bit of damage there, but to use that in a way now that it gives me strength.
  • I'm living life on my terms but it sure doesn't look like the way I thought it would look!  And I see that as a strength now
  • Make the most of all of it.  Go for it! Who cares what anyone else thinks 
  • I keep listening to myself, and I gauge whether I'm happy, and I truly am
  • It's nice to know that the decisions you are making are the right ones
  • It takes a very strong women to stop!
  • Learning that you are not your thought
  • Those thoughts that come into your head - learn to observe it, but not attach yourself to it
  • Being a lot slower with everything I do now, but achieving the same amount...
  • Being a hell of a lot gentler on myself and seeing that as a strength
  • When it comes to happiness and fear, we try to shove happiness over top of it
  • It's actually ok to sit there with your anger, and actually feel it and acknowledge it, or sit with your sadness.  
  • Sometimes you need to sit with your discomfort instead of mask it
  • Be ok to seek out different ways to heal it.
  • I'm just really enjoying the present moment


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