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Linda Guirey - A Journey of Gender

Linda Guirey - A Journey of Gender

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Early in her marriage, Linda Guirey's life took a dramatic turn following just 6 words spoken by her husband.  "I want to become a Woman."  These words opened the door to a journey that Linda never expected.  She loved him.  So would she stay with him?  Would she support his change?  Today, Linda chats about her fears, her loss, her hope and her confusion, and how she has enabled others to have the courage to face their problems and pain, no matter how big they seem.  Her journey is one of courage, growth, acceptance and learning how experiences don't have to define us - it's the thinking and meaning that we apply to those experiences that will create our reality.

Linda is a keynote speaker, trainer, and author, speaking on 'Mindset', and how we can all become intentional with what we say, do and think.

Some key quotes from our discussion include:

  • He then said "I need to let you know that I'm a cross dresser" (2:27)
  • The first reaction was shock (3:54)
  • Then my husband said to me "I've got something really serious to tell you (7:55)
  • What he said next was nothing on my radar (7:61)
  • That was my biggest biggest fear...all of those years ( 8:11)
  • And my world stopped because I didn't know what to do next (9:06)
  • There were 5 things that I considered at the time to help me through with the process (10:13)
  • I was confused.  I was angry, because I had been convinced for so long that it wasn't going to happen (11:19)
  • This was the one thing I never wanted to happen ( 11:32)
  • I also needed to get more rational thinking
  • Then I considered how authentic I was going to be (12:59)
  • Are you making a decision for you?  Or are you making a decision someone else wants you to make (13:07)
  • I needed to satisfy my highest values ( 15:07)
  • I needed to totally understand that my emotions were going to be all over the place (15:55)
  • I decided to stay with him because we had a really good marriage, but the marriage in it's definition was going to change.  And I was going to be living with my sister ( 16:52)
  • I had to grieve for my husband.  Because it was like he had dies ( 17:42)
  • The grief of loosing the person you fell in love with and the person that you married and the man that you loved is strong.  It's like they've died (18:19)
  • For me, regrets are the biggest waste of time (21:28)
  • I think we can be distracted from things that are happening in our life, from what other people think we should do, and other peoples chatter (26:57)
  • You've just got to be true to yourself 40:27)
  • You are totally responsible for your life.  For everything you say, everything you think, everything you do, everything you believe (47:27)
  • It's so easy to blame (47:47)
  • In everything you do, be kind (47:72)

For more about Linda, visit:

Website: www.lindaguirey.co.nz
Email: linda@lindaguirey.co.nz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Linda.Guirey.Choice.Champion
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/lindaguirey

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Contact Linda direct to find out more about her book 'Reflections in the Face of Change - My Journey of Courage, Growth and Acceptence'


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Kirsty Salisbury is a Speaker, Podcaster and Coach. From traumatic illness and paralysis as a child, she now loves helping others to create healthier happier lives and to design their best future. Her passions are being active and spending time with her family. As the host of The Let's Talk Life Design, Let's Talk Near Death and The Regretless Living Podcasts, she aims to help empower and inspire everyday people to live their best.





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