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Amy McAuley - The Pursuit of Happiness

Amy McAuley - The Pursuit of Happiness

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Amy McAuley has experienced rock bottom.  A rock bottom where she has personally faced many challenges – from bulimia to post-natal depression to reliance on alcohol and cigarettes, and then leaving family and friends behind when migrating to the other side of the world.  However...Amy has also experienced how positivity, drive and self-love can lead to profound personal improvement.   After training as a life coach and discovering Powerhoop - an innovative exercise opportunity - Amy successfully overcame her previously poor body image, long term battle with bulimia and negative mindset.  

Today, Amy is passionate about empowering women to overcome adversities, self-limiting beliefs and emotional pain, in order to become the best version of themselves and lead happy, fulfilled lives. 

Join us to hear how Amy turned her life around, and became a successful businesswoman and author, and how we can all transform our lives too.

Some key quotes from our discussion include:

  • I didn't realise that movement could be fun! (2:37)
  • The physical results I got from using the hoop was amazing (2:57)
  • I started to feel more positive, more confident (3:08)
  • I was suppressed in my happiness levels (4:08)
  • I battled with bulimia with about 15 years (4:12)
  • I used alcohol to suppress ( 4:40)
  • At times it just feels like that's the norm ( 5:35)
  • It was a great feeling at first, I thought I could really control it (8:10)
  • It literally commanded and dictated my life for the next 15 years ( 8:30)
  • I genuinely thought I was going to die (9:40)
  • I didn't want my children growing up knowing that was who their mum was (11:42) 
  • And I thought, "What am I doing?" (13:17
  • It can't go on like this, something has to change (14:08)
  • This was where I could really make something positive come from something so negative (17:38)
  • I feel as though I've been given an incredible opportunity (17:58)
  • I believe that all of this happened for a reason so that I could go on to share what I've discovered, what I've learn't (18:06)
  • I'm walking living proof that you can turn your life around - 100% (18:50)
  • I think for many years I didn't allow myself to feel true happiness (19:10)
  • Why would I do something to myself that makes me feel bad?  I want to do stuff that makes me feel good (21:00)
  • Wishing my way to 5:30pm, when it was ok to have a glass of wine (21:22)
  • I never understood the link between mental health and physical activity (22:35)
  • I now obviously realise that what I put into my body has a direct impact on my mental health as well (23:10) 
  • I didn't start with all of these habits, it was one little step at a time (22:55)
  • Learn how to fall in love with yourself (28:10)
  • Our life is so short.  We're not here for very long, so go make the most of it.  Be the best that we can be, and live our best lives (35:54)

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Kirsty Salisbury is a Speaker, Podcaster and Coach. From traumatic illness and paralysis as a child, she now loves helping others to create healthier happier lives and to design their best future. Her passions are being active and spending time with her family. As the host of The Let's Talk Life Design, Let's Talk Near Death and The Regretless Living Podcasts, she aims to help empower and inspire everyday people to live their best.


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