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Jessie Kendall - Empower Me Now!

Jessie Kendall - Empower Me Now!

Jessie Kendall didn't breath for the first 20 minutes of her life.  This not only left her with mild Cerebral Palsy, but some pretty full on predictions from doctors on how her life would be. It was in her late teens when Jessie was in the depths of depression and struggling with mental health issues that she discovered NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and used it to transform herself.  Today, she is passionate about life, and also about helping others out of their own suffering to live to their true potential.  She uses NLP to help her clients eliminate causes of anything undesirable they are experiencing, as well train their mind to automatically think and behave in a way to that is conducive to their best outcome. of Jessie has set up her own successful coaching business - Empower Me Now, and is also a public speaker.  

Some key quotes from our conversation include:

  • When I was born, I didn't breath for 20 minutes (3:15)
  • My  were told Id be in a wheel chair for the rest of my life (3:36)
  • It wasn't until my teenage years, when I started becoming an adult that things started really affecting me (4:25)
  • I was on the emergency list of the anxiety disorders unit (5:02)
  • I had tried what I thought was everything in the book (8:10)
  • ...NLP, and I thought - 'What the hells that?' (9:00)
  • The next morning, I woke up and I had a clear mind! (9:42)
  • I had very low self worth, so I think a lot of the anxiety stemmed from that ( 11:05)
  • So what NLP is - is how we the language in our mind and with others.  What NLP involves is a specific form of processes that we use with the mind in a very controlled state ( 12:57)
  • We use it to go back to remove from your nervous system or your mind the memories that are stored within your unconscious mind ( 13:20)
  • These exercises, trigger on an unconscious level our cellular memory where all this stuff is stored (13:55)
  • Our whole life of all our past experiences, our beliefs, our values are totally affecting us today (15:13)
  • We only use 15- 20% of our conscious mind, so all these memories (traumatic experiences or whatever it may have been in life) is stored in that part of the mind that we don't consciously think about on a daily basis (16:14)
  • I was my own biggest skeptic - I was thinking 'This is just so insane - how could this stuff work?' (18:04)
  • I can't deny the evidence from what I was to what I am now (18:23)
  • It is our perception that is creating our reality, and if we listen to these people we can often get into a mindset of being a victim (44:40) 
  • here is nothing you cannot achieve - we've just got to be able to believe that.  (44:16)
  • Nothing has any meaning but the meaning that you give it (46:35) 

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