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Jenn Espinosa Goswami:  Former Fat Girl

Jenn Espinosa Goswami: Former Fat Girl

What if the problem was NOT your body, but your MIND?  

Jenn Espinosa-Goswami is a former fat girl turned health coach & motivational speaker who has maintained a 100lb weight loss since 2002. Today Jenn shares her practical step to turning her health around, and designing what her future health would look like.  Featured on Women's Health, Prevention and Reader's Digest, Jenn believes that body bliss starts today. When not writing her blog at www.weightlesschronicles.com, she can be found dancing in her living room or cooking with her two kids in Minnesota, US.

Some key quotes from our conversation include:

  • There were days when I would cry, when I would hide, when I would feel the lowest point in life (2:34)
  • It was only when a bully would bother me or tease me or be nasty to me that I would realise that I am different. (3:05)
  • In elementary I was a track star (3:30)
  • I didn't know what it was like to be thin (4:47)
  • Maybe to some extent I was hiding my true personality (6:30)
  • After I lost the weight I kind of bloomed and blossomed and came into my own independence, my own power (6:40)
  • I didn't know a lot about food, about cooking or about nutrition (10:57)
  • Part of the process to becoming a new you is to reevaluate where you are today and where you would like to be tomorrow ( 30:40)
  • That first month, I lost 20 pounds (22:24)
  • Maybe I should figure out who the new me is and how I can use this experience to help other people (28:25)
  • There is always something good that you are doing in your life (34:40)
  • There's always good things coming ahead of you ( 35:04)
  • The only person you want to be better than, is the person you were yesterday (39:45)
  •  Bliss starts TODAY (43:06)

In Jenn's 5 Days to Body Bliss program, you discover how to:

  •  Increase confidence, even if you have low self-esteem
  •  Eat for energy, without counting a thing!
  •  Find fun activity outside of a gym
  •  Create awareness around your daily habits
  •  Explore your intrinsic motivation to keep going when you don't want to

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