My passion for health and fitness started when I was young and overly enthused by sport and training.  As a competitive gymnast around 8 years old, I was training 25 hours a week, working hard and conditioning my body.  I lived for it, however a very sudden and traumatic illness at age 11 left me grasping for life, physically immobile and completely reliant on others for even the simplest of tasks.

I had an intracerebral bleed due to an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) on my brain. Put simply, I had a brain hemorrhage.  I was 11 years old, and am SUPER lucky to have survived. No really – I think it’s the greatest thing to have happened to me, and I treasure that it did.  It was during this time, and the many months of rehab that followed that I developed my appreciation for the health that I did have, and I set my resolution that positivity would be my focus in life.  Life is for living, and I was determined to follow my dreams and create the best version of this life I almost didn’t have.

So I got to work.  Learning how to walk and use my arm again. I l learn’t how to shower and tie up my hair.  How to hold a book open, and to put tooth paste on my toothbrush.  All these things we take for granted.

Today, I love the gym.  I love running around with my daughter and find joy in walking the dog.  I still find some things difficult and can get pretty fatigued, but I make a conscious effort everyday to keep training my left side and most importantly, my mindset.

I’m inspired to live my best, and to connect with others who are doing the same.  We all have the ability to be healthier, to find more balance and to to discover more joy in our lives, and I am driven by the opportunity to have others join me in this.

I am constantly alarmed by the growing cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease rates, and how these illnesses are impacting people close to me.   This site is fuelled by a passion to eat well, feel well and make the most out of this life. And I hope that you will join me…