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Tony Woody

Tony Woody

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Retired Chief Petty Officer Tony Woody came within a hairs bredth of death when the plane he was in crash landed onto the side of the runway. He recalls the event first hand, whilst also observing it from outside of the plane, separate to his body. But this was only the beginning, with the second part of his NDLE taking place just two days later when he encountered a being of light in the night.

In this episode, Tony shares both parts to his experience, and how his life has been profoundly changed since.

You can contact Tony at: tonywoodysnde@gmail.com

Or contact Lilia for more information about The Saint Germain Series books email: longing4thelight@outlook.com

The books where Tony found his answers to his experiences in the Light:

In the set of 3 books from The Saint Germain Series. To order at Amazon:


Description of books:

Vol. 1&2: Unveiled Mysteries, & The Magic Presence, by Guy W. Ballard, (pen name) Godfre’ Ray King. Factual events described by the author meeting Saint Germain followed by numerous detailed Transcendent Experiences with Him and other Great Beings of Light. Many fundamentals of the Cosmic Law are presented therein.

Vol. 3: The "I AM" Discourses, by Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Word for word “I AM” Instruction on the Cosmic Laws of Life dictated over a Light and Sound Ray by Saint Germain to Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. Ballard. This collection of Discourses describes the Ascended Masters’ use of the words “I AM”. Dr. Wayne Dyer often spoke about and read from the “I AM” Discourses to his audiences.

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