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You see, today more than ever people are walking around dead on the inside.  Unsatisfied, unfulfilled and wishing there was more. But it doesn't have to be this way!

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Michelle Bowater - Follow Your Passions, Eliminate Your Regrets

Michelle Bowater - Follow Your Passions, Eliminate Your Regrets

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For years Michelle Bowater felt trapped in what she describes as a 'soul sucking' job, unable to leave due to the fear of the unknown and risk that surrounded possible change.  She dreaded Monday mornings, and the way the rest of her life revolved around those feelings.  But rather than allowing her circumstances to control her long term, Michelle identified some key steps to breaking free, finding her passion and eliminating her regrets.

Today, Michelle coaches others how to take those steps to setting up the life of their dreams.  Using her easy four step process, Michelle guides clients to release the fear and doubt and create a more exciting, fulfilling and passionate life.

Join us as we chat practical steps to eliminating past and future regrets.

Some key quotes from our conversation include:

  • My life is pretty amazing now, but it wasn't always that way
  • We felt trapped in that for various different reasons so we stayed there
  • It sucked the life out of me
  • Now I am following my passion - doing something I love every single day 
  • I had so much fear
  • My fear was around judgement and a little bit around failure
  • I had a fear of not having enough money
  • I was aware that you could make the changes because other people were doing it
  • I lost myself in the process
  • What ignites the fire in my belly?  Not just things I like, but what do I really love love to do
  • I didn't have that fear anymore
  • I started putting one foot in front of the other.  Getting clear on the actions, so that I knew where I was going
  • There was a lot of fear around not having enough money
  • Everything starts in our minds, so if we're in this negative cycle of thinking or worrying about the future, then we're not really present to being in right now
  • We have a choice, about everything in our life.  Every little thing
  • If we are not choosing the thoughts in our minds, our minds will be running us
  • I've come to a place of acceptance in my life - that everything happens for a reason
  • If we can come to a space of knowing that everything happens for a reason
  • My goal was to wake up every day and be excited for my life
  • Learning the learnings allows us to move on
  • If we are following our hearts there shouldn't be any regrets

Yyou can find more of Michelle at:

Website: www.shambhalalifecoaching.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MichelleBowaterLifeCoach/
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/tribeoftransformation/ 

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