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Eric Christiansen - Faces of the Fire

Eric Christiansen - Faces of the Fire

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On June 27th, 1990, Eric Christiansen’s life was changed in an instant when he lost everything he owned in the Santa Barbara Painted Cave fire. Flames engulfed his house, taking all his possessions, and starting him on a new path entirely. From this disaster, he understands trauma, the resilience of the human spirit, and how important HOPE is to heal.

At first Eric turned to drugs and alcohol, but soon realised that despite loosing all his earthly possessions he had actually gained everything, and started to put his focus into his film making.

Today, Eric is a seven-time Emmy Award recipient, with four films that focus on the impact of trauma on individuals, families and communities.

His new film UnMASKing HOPE follows a disparate group of people whose extraordinary stories of survival most of us have heard only in snippets on the news. Having lived through mass shootings, terror attacks, combat and sexual assaults, these brave trauma survivors don “masks” to hide their pain and suffering as they navigate their new existence that is often stymied by PTSD, physical injury and emotional turmoil. In order to heal, they must confront what’s happened to them and begin their journey from seclusion to inclusion. And as we follow their moving stories, we are all inspired to find hope again and be who we were born to be.

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Searching for Home: Coming Back from War:


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"Searching for Home”

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