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Daniel Burgess

Daniel Burgess

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At the age of 20 years old, Daniel survived a car accident which would change him forever.  It left him with a shattered spine, broken bones and paralysis from his chest down. He was told he might never walk again, but proved medical staff wrong by walking out of hospital just 6 weeks later, although weak and brittle. This shake-up led him to leave his career, partner, apartment: his entire life behind him. After being homeless and unemployed for 6 months he rebuilt his life into something beyond inspirational.  Today, Daniel heads up The Phoenix Experience - the chance to press pause on your everyday routine.  To leave your phone at home and focus on the one person that matters: you. To take the time to remember what’s truly important to you. When you give back to yourself those around you will benefit. You become a better partner, parent, leader, team-member. A better you.

Some key quotes from our conversation include:

  • I felt like I was headed for a train wreck.  I was overweight, I was out of balance, I was disconnected from my family, and I thought "For once I'm actually going to take control" (3:16)
  • He fell asleep and we ran into a bridge at 100kms an hour (5:34)
  • My neck was shattered.  I had a complete burst fracture in my C7, and a broken back, a broken arm, and pretty much left for dead really (6:18)
  • I didn't realise how bad my injuries were (9:15) 
  • Everyone used to write me off (16:24)
  • I did it to prove to myself that my injuries wouldn't hold me back (16:35)
  • Everyone told me that if I keep doing what I'm doing that my body would be full of arthritis by the time I was 40, and I wouldn't be able to work (19:20)
  • It's daily.  You need to set yourself up daily (23:35)
  • Nothing happens without the mind, and nothing happens without the body ( 27:44)
  • Once we've got these beliefs, we'll look for things to confirm our beliefs - negative or positive (30:04)
  • There's always another level (36:20)

More about The Phoenix Experience:

Our lives are extremely busy. Constant pressure at work, family and social commitments, the relentless ding of emails and phone calls; we rarely get time for ourselves. Unsure what we would do if we did have time. We can easily forget what’s important to us. Our relationships can fade, our health can suffer and our desire to perform at work can dwindle. When we are with those we care about we are at times not truly present or “in the moment.”

The Phoenix Experience helps create awareness, focus and brings balance into each area of our lives.

Over 60 minutes be inspired to get more out of life, press pause on your everyday routine and take the time to think about what is important to you.

Learn why most people wait for a significant event in their life to change. Instead bring awareness to start to look at different areas of your life that need attention.

To find out more about Daniel, you can visit:

website: www.thephoenixexperience.com.au
email: riseup@thephoenixexperience.com.au
instagram: the_phoenix_experience

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Debora Christy Love

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