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I'm here to help you design your best future.  One free of regret. 

You see, today more than ever people are walking around dead on the inside.  Unsatisfied, unfulfilled and wishing there was more. But it doesn't have to be this way!

 Whether you want to work 1:1 or book me as your next guest speaker, let's chat!

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Amber Doll - Keep On Keeping On

Amber Doll - Keep On Keeping On

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At just 12 years old, Amber Doll's Mother passed away, and Amber was left to help her Father who was unable to read or write, and worked long hours to keep the family afloat.  She instantly took on many of the everyday tasks including helping to raise her younger brother. 

Amber felt forced into a role she wasn't ready for, which then led on to abusive relationships, a teenage pregnancy, her daughter being taken away from her,  depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Yet despite these huge life challenges, she still remains positive, focused on what she can control, and is now coaching others how to own their circumstances.  Amber has also set up her own business, and is looking at ways to actively design her best future.

Join us today for to learn the strategies and tips that Amber has successfully used in her life to keep on keeping on.


Find more of Amber at:

Coaching Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Amber-C-Doll-2109008999368519
     - Listeners can also join the Facebook Group - The Thriving Hive
                     - Closed, private group
                     - A place for members to share, ask questions, and seek advice or support
                     - I will be be sharing practical advice and tips for getting un-stuck or dealing with the things life throws our way

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Josh Roche

Josh Roche

Donna Campisi - The Unlikely Marathoner

Donna Campisi - The Unlikely Marathoner