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 Virginia Phillips: Triumphing after Trauma

Virginia Phillips: Triumphing after Trauma


In 2012 Virginia Phillips survived a very traumatic car accident.  Seated behind the driver, a truck crashed into the side of their car where Virginia was sitting and unfortunately, she took a lot of the impact.  Her entire left side was crushed, including her hip, chest and lung, and she has been left with many long lasting effects.  Four years on from this devastating event, and after being diagnosed as 100% disabled, Virginia is using her experiences to help others.  She is currently writing a book, and not only that, she is actively helping families to experience financial freedom by teaching them effective ways to get out of debt.  

“Every day is a gift but all too often we are too busy doing daily tasks to use that time for something worthy of highlighting years later. Typically, this only changes if we have a sense of urgency due to age or medical reasons yet the desire to leave our mark has been there.”

In this episode we will learn:

–  The exciting things and experiences that saying ‘yes’ to everything has created.
–  The role that her car accident has had in enabling her to rise and create a fantastic new life.
–  How visiting a Tony Robbins workshop created a new part to her life adventure.
–  Her dreams and where they are going.
–  The things that inspire Virginia to keep going and to pursue more out of life

Some key quotes include:

–  “I’m either going to die of pain, going to die lonely sitting on the couch, or I’m going to take the risk and have this surgery.”
–  “All of a sudden, I felt like I had an identity, and that I could do something with my life.”
–  “I look back over the last few months, I see that this was all able to happen because I was willing to say yes, and I was willing to take the risks.”
–  “Broken Crayons can still make masterpieces.”
–  “Find a way to get through the next moment.”

You can find more of Virginia at:


Plus you can find more about Jake Bailey (the guy she referred to at 35:35)


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