Can we tell when someone is going to die?  It’s an interesting question isn’t it... 

Well, I think the answer is yes, and that often there are signs that someone is going to pass away.

Let's love our people. Love them hard...

One of my dear friends lost her husband a few weeks ago.  It was a truck crash and he died instantly.  I'll never forget the pain in her voice as she gave me the update.  Sheer devastation.  Now this isn't just someone I know of.  I am talking about one of my closest friends.  

Own it or change it!

This week, I want to talk about owning it or changing it. It’s a phrase that I absolutely love. I use it all the time in my private coaching. And it’s been on my mind this week because I’ve been thinking about which things in my life that I’m owning and which things that I’m changing.