The Smoothie Slim Down - 7 Steps to Sensational Smoothies

The Smoothie Slim Down - 7 Steps to Sensational Smoothies


Are you busy but want to increase your nutrient intake and look after your health?

The Smoothie Slim Down will teach you the 7 basics of smoothie making. You’ll learn to get the most out of your smoothie, and add your own creative twist.


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Whether you are a regular in the kitchen, or hardly go near it, I can show you exactly what you can do to do to boost your health

This package is for people who want to:

  • Increase their nutrient intake
  • Reduce toxicity in their bodies
  • Minimize fuss in their meal making and snacks
  • Lose weight sensibly and sustainably

We all know health and wellness is not instant, but with The Smoothie Slim Down Guide and Recipes, and a basket of wholesome ingredients, you can create an intensely satisfying meal in minutes. I could almost even say at the press of a button, but not all blenders have buttons!

My Smoothie Guide is for you!!!

Here’s what you’ll be getting with the Smoothie Slim Down Program…

  • The Smoothie Slim Down’s 7 Steps to Sensational Smoothies
  • The 10 Page Smoothie Recipe Guide filled with a variety of smoothie ideas and tasty recipes
  • My Take Two Smoothie Cheat Sheet with lots of yummy smoothie combination options.  Mix, match and explore…

This entire program is available by download – you can start today!

That’s right! Once you decide that you’re “in” you can get started straight away.

"Kirsty gave useful, helpful options and the smoothie options are probably the most applicable option for myself and family because of the busy lifestyle we lead"

"Thanks so much for your help! I was able to loose 5lbs, but more importantly, my PANTS fit well again! As I was getting dressed for work, I looked at my “skinny” jeans with some loathing but as they were clean I decided to give them a try. SO COMFY again! Thank you!"