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Lana Jelenjev - Living a Self-FULL Life

Lana Kristine Jelenjev was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.  And after almost 2 years of treatment, she took time to reconnect with hersef and her mission.  It was during this time that she realised how it  is our responsibility to be SELF-FULL. Because when we are selfish, we have no room to meet the needs of others, and when we are selfless, we fail to meet our own needs. But when we are self-full that’s when magic happens.

The Ride for Freedom - Naresh Kumar

Naresh Kumar has always dreamt big, something which ore often seemed ludicrous and completely unattainable. Today, he lives an amazing action packed life and is dedicated to helping other.  He is a living example of kindness, and how our circumstances DO NOT need to confine us.

Kelly: Living Life On My Own Terms

In 2013, Kelly began a journey that no one could have expected.  Her world was completely rocked when something that seemed like a gift of life, actually turned out to be quite the opposite.  In our conversation today, Kelly shares how her difficult life journey and experiences have taught her to focus on living life on her own terms, allowing herself to enjoy the present moment, and to continually gauge whether she is truly happy. 

Courtney Edwin-Nweze - Living Like It's Eden

At the age of 2, Courtney Edwin-Nweze had an experience that left her with 2 mental illnesses.  On top of that, she went on to experience PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), years of depression and anxiety.  There were many days where Courtney didn't want to do anything, and often 'couldn't be bothered', and yet today she lives a life that she loves!  Courtney connects her healing and success in life to her strong faith, and how this has helped her to get back on her feet.  

Virginia Phillips: Triumphing after Trauma

In 2012 Virginia Phillips survived a very traumatic car accident.  Seated behind the driver, a truck crashed into the side of their car where Virginia was sitting and unfortunately, she took a lot of the impact.  Her entire left side was crushed, including her hip, chest and lung, and she has been left with many long lasting effects.  Four years on from this devastating event, and after being diagnosed as 100% disabled, Virginia is using her experiences to help others.