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Why beating cravings isn't all about willpower

What’s your favourite thing to eat? What really gets your taste buds going? Because, you see, the foods we crave can say quite a bit about whats going on inside our bodies.

One of the most common questions I get from my clients is:

Why do I crave xxx?’

And to be honest, there could be a whole range of answers. Anything from a sugar craving through to a metabolic imbalance, a nutrient deficiency or even something else.

You see for so long now, we’ve been told that ALL cravings are BAD, and to combat them we just need more discipline, more will power and to NOT GIVE IN!

But I disagree…

Whilst a large amount of cravings do require us to tweak our nutritional habits, some are actually ways that our body is communicating a genuine need for something. Take water for example. If we experience thirst (a craving), do we get all caught up in it? No, because we know that water is something we need reguarly. The key is knowing which cravings to listen to, and which to resist. You see hunger or thirst is triggered by out bodies, and cravings are usually triggered by our emotions. If a craving calls, aim to put it off. Have a glass of water, and distract yourself with something else. One of the key ways to reduce cravings is to include healthy fats and proteins in all of our meals. Yep, all of them. This will help us to feel full for longer plus it will help to balance out our blood sugar levels which can definitly take the edge off.

And if it remains, or keeps coming back, here are some reasons for common cravings and things we can eat to address them:

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So when a craving hits, be mindful and take some time to think about it. What specifically is it that are you after? Anything sweet or does your body actually want chocolate? It might be that there’s a legitimate reason behind the craving. If so, use the chart to add those foods into your diet and see if your cravings reduce.

Isn’t it great to know that it’s not always down to will power!

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