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We Kondo’d our home... Now What?

We Kondo’d our home... Now What?

We Kondo’d our home....png

If you're anything like me, or the other 148 million Netflix users out there (yes I googled that number to make me sound more intelligent!), you may have been swept up in a frenzy of tidying up and getting your living environment sorted. Eliminating the items in your house that don't 'spark joy' or make your life better. Now, I've been known to go on declutter binges from time to time, but after watching Marie Kondo on the TV, the whole family was now behind me, and that's success if you ask me, so thank you very much Marie!

We all got involved, clearing out cupboards and drawers and I dropped our final 6 bags off to the Op shop yesterday. Feeling great to have collectively created more space in our home, and gotten rid of things we didn’t use anymore. But as I left the store, I couldn't help but start to think 'Ok, so what's next?' You see I LOVE having projects on the go, and I love to feel like I'm at least trying to make our lives more functional... but now that the house was tidy (to my definition, if nothing more), what would we focus on next? I actually think that this whole de-cluttering thing might have even brought us closer. Perhaps we could now move onto a new project - like cleaning? The windows and the gutter would sure appreciate some love, as would the stains on the deck, the car and heck, even the van that has so much grime on it that we actually can't see out of one of the wing mirrors! But no, I'd rather watch paint dry than take on a cleaning project with the family on board (I'm not even joking - a bit of time out to sit and do absolutely nothing sounds bliss!). Anyway, I’ve digressed…

So I end up driving home from the Op shop wondering how we can apply the Kondo method into other areas of our lives. I mean, how can we create more flow and happiness in our family dynamics. In the way we connect with each other? What things or routines do we have that don't spark joy? What about our our mindsets, the ways we communicate, our habits, and the people we spend time with?

And what I came to, was that in order to make our family unit stronger, we should probably start with what will make ourselves individually stronger. What are the things holding us back from showing up the best we can for our family? Perhaps it's our beliefs around our self worth - that we aren't good enough, aren't capable enough, aren't skinny enough, funny enough, intelligent enough, long haired enough, you get the idea... Or perhaps it's a habit we hang on to - missing the gym day after day, the snacks in front of the telly in the evenings, the constant comparison of ourselves to made up beautiful instagram stars. What about an un-tapped bucket list, or a memory or longing for things to be how they used to be in the 'good ol' days'. I'm pretty sure that none of these things spark joy, and yet I'm confident that we all do them or carry them around to some degree.

So rather than a literal cleaning out of our closets, what about a proverbial one? Identifying the things in our lives which can’t be physically seen, and yet they take up space in our minds or hearts. They might be things which pull us down, but somehow we bury them deep, neglecting to face them head on and to decide whether we will keep carrying them, or ditch them for good…

I mean really - does the constant scrolling on a screen actually bring joy? Does the amount of TV and social media in our lives take us closer to what we truly want? Do the people we spend time with energise us, build us, and make us a better person? Are the snacks and foods we eat replenishing our body, or pulling us down? What activities and things in our life spark true joy?

If we can find what things we like in life, and focus in on the things that will grow us as a person, we can get rid of the junk, or things we don’t need anymore, and create a space for more fun stuff in life. Let's take time to identify what lights us up, and then let’s go do more of those things!! x

Let's love our people.  Love them hard...

Let's love our people. Love them hard...

The Positive Side to Regret

The Positive Side to Regret