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Own it or change it!

Own it or change it!

This week, I want to talk about owning it or changing it. It’s a phrase that I absolutely love. I use it all the time in my private coaching. And it’s been on my mind this week because I’ve been thinking about which things in my life that I’m owning and which things that I’m changing.

If you think about some things in your life. How happy are you with them? For example, when you think about your weight. Are you satisfied with where its at? If not, what do you want it to be? What will that look like for you? Or how about your diet? Are you ok with the types of food you feed your body? Your energy levels? How about your relationships? Are you happy with your finances, your career? The way you spend your spare time? All of the little aspects of your life, are you happy with them? And so with all of these things, my question to you is – are you going to own them or would you rather that they were different?
Most of us have a friend or somebody that we know and they’re not happy with something and you hear about it all the time. It might be a relationship in marriage or it might be their weight or their money. Yes, ‘If only I had a little bit more money, I could go out and do more. If only I lost a little bit of weight, but it’s so hard for me. If only my husband and I got on better, but we don’t and it’s never going to happen…’

All of these little phrases and these little things. We know that person. They’re NOT owning it and they’re NOT changing it. They’re just complaining! But you see I don’t think this is something where we can be on the fence. I think we either need to own the things in our life, or we need to change them.
So for me, some of the things that I own is that I’m going to keep going and even if I make mistakes. I will keep going and keep trying, knowing that even if I’m not the best out there at everything. I’m not going to be the best out there at many things to be honest. There are things in my life which I am trying to change. Trying to improve my fitness, my strength, and my physical abilities. There’s a really long way to go, but I’m really happy with the effort that I put in and my commitment to getting these things to where I want them to be.

In my personal life, I want to be more calm and I want to be more centred in the ‘now’. I’ve lived a lot of my life, in the future and I would miss out on things around me, often on the things going on right before my eyes because I was so focused on future living and things that didn’t even exist yet.

I’ve learnt that the more I can connect with my inner self, the more mindful I can be. I can take time out to de-stress, be more calm and the more that I can centre myself, the more I bring myself into the now and the more I can enjoy things that are happening right around me. I enjoy my family more. I enjoy myself more. I know that sounds really weird because we’re in a society where it doesn’t seem right to like ourselves. But I want to break free from that and I’m trying to change as well.

I am trying to become the best person that I can create my ultimate future. You hear me talking about it all the time and that’s because I am actively taking responsibility and action to do this. It involves owning a lot of my thoughts, beliefs and actions, but also changing the things which no longer serve me.

So think about all the aspects of your life.. Think about your relationships, your job, the way you do things. What things are you unhappy with? What things do you actually have the power to change? Then what I want you to do is write them down. Find three things that you can change. Write them down and put them in a place where you’re going to see them often.

Then identify how you want them to look. What are the steps involved to bridge the two scenarios? How can you begin to take action? And what accountability are you going to put in place to back that up? On the contrary – what things in your life are you happy with? Write them down too. Feel proud and own them.

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