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I was a bit anxious about having a colonic - here's what happened...


Ever wondered what a colonic feels like?  I can relate.  It wasn’t something that has ever crossed my mind to do myself until recently, but when it came up in a discussion I knew that I was in.  It was curiosity that got the best of me –  and within a few hours of my first colonic thought, I was booked in and on my way!  Yep, I wanted to know what that felt like, what it would do for my body, and whether or not it could really could improve my health.

I arrived at the clinic, not really sure what to expect.  You’d think I’d have googled a bit more before I left the house, but no, that just hadn’t happened. I did feel nervous, but yet again it was my curiosity that was rearing to go…  On arrival, I was welcomed in, where I filled in a registration form before being taken up to the colonic room.  It was a decent sized room, and in the corner was a bath/seat looking thing with a basin in it.  Yep, that’s where the fun was going to happen.  I couldn’t help but notice the giant shower in the adjoining bathroom, and instantly all sorts of ‘colonic gone wrong’ scenarios started playing out in my mind.  After a quick tour of the equipment I was left alone to change into a supplied t-shirt, to climb up on the system, and to place a towel over my lower half.  So far, so good.

Then, I was shown how to lube up, and how to insert the small plastic tube into my bottom – oh good times – this was totally different to my usual Tuesday morning!  Luckily, I was left alone for this part and could go at my own pace.

Next, I was shown how to manage the water flow and temperature if I wanted to be in control – you bet I did! There was also a see-through pipe so I could witness everything coming out.  Yuck!  That was a step too far in my opinion and I couldn’t hold in my disgust of the concept. ‘Oh don’t worry, everyone reacts like that’ the therapist said.  ‘You’ll totally be into it soon!’.  And wow, she was right about that…

And we started.  The therapist stayed with me for a few minutes, until things started ‘flowing’.  Basically, I could feel the water coming in, and the feeling of needing to ‘poop’ started to build.  Then I could release.  There was no pain, no discomfort  – just a bit of a tickling sensation and a whole lot of waste emptying out.  It was mostly water, and every few minutes a slightly more solid movement presented itself.  I felt like I had the control, and there was also had a button I could ring if I was unsure about anything.  The therapist came in every 10 mins or so to check on things, and to be honest, that was probably the most embarrassing part – I mean, I like privacy –  I don’t even pee if my husband is in the bathroom with me, and here I am emptying my waste in a diarrhoea like fashion via a see-through pipe!

This process continued on for about 40 minutes.  It was super relaxing, and I was able to read a magazine as it all happened.  Ok, so maybe not much reading took place, but I could have if I had wanted to.

Afterwards, I was directed to remove the tube, wash off my lower area with a small hose, and to get dressed again.  I was given a large glass of water with some electrolytes in it, a probiotic capsule (to help restore the health bacteria in my gut again) and a shot of aloe vera.  I felt great, although a bit unsure what to expect on my 40 minute drive home again.  Surprisingly, no toilet stops were needed, and I enjoyed feeling squeaky clean.

The next day is when I felt my best.  My energy levels were up and my skin felt amazing.  It was SUPER soft, and I kept wanting to touch my cheeks.  I also felt like some old emotions and energy had been flushed away in the process which surprised me, and I loved feeling excited about new things to come.

So the big question – would I do it again?  You bet!

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